Shadowplay Editing Losslesscut

Download Lossless-cut

  • Open software

  • Open Folder of clips

  • Crtl+A or drag select all the files you want to edit and dump them on the start screen

drag and drop

  • Top left - Merge the files.. poof! you now have a single video of all the clips together :)

merge button

continue the below if you want to edit your clips and not just smush them into a video

  • Re-open Losslesscut and drag the merged video into the editor

  • Press [ I ] at the start of a clip you want to keep and [ O ] and the end, this will create segments

these segments won't be cut to exact timestamps but it's close enough. Losslesscut has a feature for this but it's sh!t

merge button

  • Click bottom right to export segments (these will be individual files again) -->

  • Re-open Losslesscut, drag the cut segments into the editor and hit merge like at the start

upload and profit