helix editor omnisharp NET6 Linux

helix editor


install Helix Editor

Personal choice of install is through brew

brew helix

install .net6 sdk

I've been following the below .net6 manual install script but they do recommend you use a package installer for an dev environment

./dotnet-install guide

./dotnet-install.sh --channel LTS

OmniSharp uses Mono, it suggests it's included, but on the safe side you can ensure installation with

brew install mono

download and extract Omnisharp-Roslyn

download the release [omnisharp-linux-x64-net6.0.tar.gz]

  • create new folder in home directory
mkdir $HOME/.lsp/omnisharp_net6 -p
  • extract contents [omnisharp-linux-x64-net6.0.tar.gz] into /home/.lsp/omnisharp_net6

  • add PATH to .bashrc

export PATH=/home/$USERNAME/.lsp/omnisharp_net6/:$PATH
  • restart bash and enter command
which OmniSharp

output should be


now give Helix a try within a cs file