<<<<<<<]+   [---->>--   -->>--->>

---->>---   >>----->>   ]>>>>>>>>

+>>>>>>>>   +[<<<<<<<   <]+[---->

>->>--->>   ----->>]<   <<<[[<<]<

<]>>>>[++   +++[[[<]>   ....[>]<-

]>-<]>+[+               ++++++++.

[-]]<+>+[               <]>+++<<+

[-->>----               --<]>[<]>

>[>]<-<->               [+<+>>]<]






If you are looking for Replays that take place on my Reflex server. Please locate to the following page :


If you are looking for LUA items continue below.

*** Reflex LUA | Widgets ***

The Division Health Bar + Armour Bar:

This HUD design is based off of the Division Health indicator. The bar moves with velocity and a short line indicates when Yellow Armour can be picked up when carrying in control of Red Armour.



Crosshair Hit Indication:

The crosshair will indicate when you successfully hit a target by flashing red. Crosshair colour and flash colour settings coming shortly.




Allowing multiple sensitivities to have the best precision when using the Ion cannon. The HUD includes a handy-dandy adjustment bar to choose both your main and Ion sensitivity.



Auto Light-map Clearer:

A short and simple Widget that will automatically remove your light-map when it's found as valid. Useful for seeing in the dark.



Hard-coded Scrub timer:

Having difficulty timing with the pros? This 'timer' will help get you to pro level. Pick an item up at 5? Then 30 will be the next time to pickup. It's simple but can keep you focused on remembering to time.